Skin City is Now Booking Through Vagaro!

Dearest Clients,

Due to a variety of limitations imposed upon us and on you by MindBody, we have switched platforms! Starting June 20th, we will no longer be booking any appointments through MindBody. Please make all future appointments in Vagaro!

We are excited to enjoy all the new features offered by Vagaro, including:

  • A better mobile app
  • An overall cleaner booking system
  • The ability to book multiple services at once
  • The option to book through Facebook or Yelp
  • Text or email reminders for appointments
  • Waitlist option for appointments - be the first to know if a slot you want opens up!
  • A more inclusive loyalty rewards system

The Points System

Another major benefit resulting from this transition is that through Vagaro, we are now able to condense many of our features, such as the Perkville points system. All customer loyalty points will now be tracked through Vagaro. Your points will be visible each time you check out, which means they'll get used more often! We've already transferred your points over, but there will be slight changes to the points system from now on.

The basic system will remain the same. You will still receive one point for each dollar you spend in the salon, on products or services. You will then be able to exchange those points for a flat percentage discount, applicable to any of our services or products, rather than for specific services. In order to stay competitive in this increasingly expensive market, we've had to curb some of our offerings and will no longer be able to offer discounts at our previous rates - this has been done to avoid raising our service prices. This change has also been made in an effort to include more of our clients in our loyalty program, as our previous redemption system was more specific and limited. We are grateful for your loyalty, and will be implementing service-specific discounts on a bimonthly basis in the future - watch for our newsletters!

How to Register with Vagaro

In order to complete your client registration through Vagaro, all you'll have to do is accept our email invitation, arriving Monday, June 13th, and create a login for yourself, as well as enter the information we weren't able to transfer from MindBody, including your birthday (if you'd like a birthday discount!) and your billing information. It is our policy to have billing information securely stored for each of our clients in the event of a late cancellation, and this information will be required to book appointments in the future!

What we have transferred: your contact information, your appointment and purchase histories, your accumulated Perkville points (if applicable) and any prepaid services (if applicable). 

We thank you for your patience and understanding in this first half of 2016 with our renovations, new website, and new booking system. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. It's been an exciting beginning to our 20th year in business, and we look forward to celebrating all these transitions with you.

With love and gratitude, 

Skin City