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"Touch-Up" appointments are best for regular clients!


Neck or Shoulders – $20  

Areola – $10  

Arms – $40   

Half Arms – $25  

Underarms – $18  

Stomach – $10  

Back – $50  

Lower Back  – $15  

Full Leg - $75

Half Leg – lower $35/ upper $40




Bikini Line – $35  

Bikini Plus (plus butt!) – $50   

Brazilian (everything off except a front design) – $60  

Brazilian Touch-Up – $55  

Full Brazilian (everything off) – $70  

Full Brazilian Touch-Up – $65

Butt – $20



Brows – $18  

Brow Touch-Up – $15  

Brow Tweeze – $20

Brow & Lip – $25  

Brow, Lip & Chin – $37  

Lip – $12   

Chin – $10

Cheek - $18


Waxing Tips

Pre-Care: Waxing while premenstrual (if your period is coming in the next week) can make you more sensitive, as can having caffeine prior to your appointment!

Waxing Prep: Hair must be at least 1/4 of an inch long to wax! For most waxing, we recommend waiting 4-6 weeks between appointments.

Sun Protection: Waxed skin is freshly exfoliated, so it is recommended to apply a proper SPF if you will be exposed to direct sun for more than one hour.
Ingrown Hairs: To prevent or reduce ingrown hairs, it is recommended to begin gentle exfoliation three days post waxing service. Ask about our bikini facial service for a more intensive treatment! Try our house-made Bright Blends professional exfoliant for ingrown prevention.
Topical exfoliation: Exfoliating with fabrics such as gloves, mitts or a dry loofah is recommended.
Beyond topical: Regularly apply products that penetrate into the hair follicle and “break-down” built up oil deposits that may prevent new hair from growing out of the follicle. Ask for a sample of Bright Blends. It’s a best seller!