Choose from a wide range of vegan, organic tanning shades to go as dark as you want to go!


Full Body (including face) – $45

Upper or Lower Body Only – $30

Face Only – $15



Why airbrush tanning?

  • Get a glowing, natural looking tan in half an hour!
  • No more UV damage and premature aging due to sun bathing or tanning booths.
  • Our product is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, so no worry of reactions or that tell-tale tanning scent.
  • DHA-based sunless tanning has been recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation, American Academy of Dermatology Association, Canadian Dermatology Association and the American Medical Association.


What should I expect during my session?

Your technician will escort you to your room, where you will undress to your comfort level. Exfoliating products can be provided if needed (it is important to be clean and exfoliated to make the tan come out great!). Your technician will then gently spray a fine mist of the solution, leaving your body with an immediate glow from the bronzer, and the tanning solution will continue to build for 5-8 hours. It is recommended to avoid showering or sweating until after the suggested wait time. The bronzer will rinse off in the shower as your new tan continues to glow. Enjoy!

Are there different shades to choose from?

Yes! Your tanning specialist has a large array of tones to customize your tan perfectly. From Winter Glow- the lightest shade- to Gimme Brown- the darkest of the dark- we’ll find the exact shade to meet your needs. We have also added Express City Tans, which are faster-acting and come in three options: Hollywood (think golden glow), Miami (deep rich brown) and Vegas (a dark, rich desert tan)!

What gives you the color in from the tan?

DHA is considered the most effective sun-free tanning additive. It is a simple carbohydrate primarily used as an ingredient in sunless tanning products and is derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. 

How does DHA work?

DHA does not produce a “real” tan by increasing skin melanin levels, but creates the tan appearance by developing a brown skin coloring. The action of DHA is limited to the upper layer of the skin, and takes 2-4 hours to begin appearing on the surface. 

Once the darkening effect has occurred, the tan will not sweat off or wash away with soap or water. It will fade gradually over 7 to 10 days, in conjunction with the skin’s normal exfoliation process. Be sure to read our Tanning Tips section to ensure the longevity of your tan!

Tanning Tips

Before your tan:

  • Shower, exfoliate and shave before your session, preferably the night before. Be sure to use an oil-free scrub (we like salt scrubs the best!), as oil residue on the skin will cause streaking. Exfoliating removes the top layers of dead skin and helps your tan in two ways:
    • removes layers of dead skin, giving you a smoother, more even tan
    • extends the life of your tan
  • Shaving/waxing prior to your session ensures that you won’t have to remove hair following your tan, which removes layers of color in the process. If you must remove hair in the days following your tan, do so with a new disposable razor—this is the least exfoliating method. Mani/pedis should be done prior as well.
  • Don’t apply moisturizer, oils, lotions or perfumes the day of your tan. Doing this before an airbrush tan can prevent the chemicals from penetrating your skin and will result in an uneven tan and can prevent the tan from setting.
  • Skip the deodorant – deodorant mixing with tan solution leaves a green hue, so if you can skip it before your session, please do. If you must wear deodorant, just let us know before we begin and we will supply you with a solution to remove it before your session. If you are wearing makeup, please let us know and we’ll provide you with a mild cleanser so you can wash before tanning.
  •  Avoid wearing anything tight or constricting to the session. While our solution won’t stain, the bronzer can rub off and it is best to allow the tan to set without tight clothing on your body. The best attire is dark, loose clothing to wear home from your tanning. Wearing underwear/bikini bottoms is optional for women, but required for our male clients. We have disposable pairs for anyone who wants, so feel free to ask!


After your tan:

  • Tanning solution can stain, so do not sit directly on leather or fabric seats or furniture– sit on a towel or other piece of cloth instead. Bring a towel to the session if you’ll be driving home.
  • Avoid sweating and perspiring and be careful when washing hands until after the first shower following your tan. Contact with water during the tanning development process (which takes 5-8 hours) can cause the tan to streak, and excessive perspiration can drastically affect the outcome.
  • Shower 5-8 hours following your tan, and use shower gel to cleanse with your hands (washcloths, etc are too exfoliating). It is normal to see the surface color wash off during the first shower- this is nothing to worry about as the DHA reaction will continue without the bronzer.
  • Moisturize twice a day with alcohol-free lotion. Keeping your skin hydrated will slow down the process of natural skin exfoliation and the tan will last longer. Alcohol-based products are drying to the skin and can cause the tan to fade and/or streak.
  • It is best to avoid soaking in a bath or hot tub or pool as these can accelerate exfoliating and fade a tan. If you plan to do so, use a waterproof sunscreen to help seal the tan into the skin and slow down fading.