Chrissy W. - 2/24/17

Skin City is my go-to for waxing and now reiki. I've seen Michelle many times and figured it was time to reach out and tell you how great she is! I also just did reiki for the first time with Kim today and was absolutely overwhelmed (in a great way) by the entire experience. It was very moving. They are both so wonderful at what they do! I'll be recommending both of these wonder women to all my friends.

Iman N. - 1/28/17

I had the Power Facial with Brigitta. I went in with extremely clogged pores and in dire need of some exfoliation! Brigitta brought my skin back! She is super knowledgable I love when an esthetician stresses the importance of not just what goes on top of your skin but also what you put in your body. She didn't try to sell me on a bunch of products either she even offered more homeopathic options! She even offered to consult with my sister via photos and emails. I'm visiting from out of town but I will come back to her whenever I'm in the Bay Area. I highly highly recommend this amazing esthetician who is passionate about her craft.

Sara E. - 1/9/17

This review is for waxing service only as I haven't had any other services at Skin City.  

I've been going to Skin City for a few years now with varying regularity for waxing services.  I started out with the owner, Brigitta and have transitioned to Michelle (a little easier to schedule with her).  Both of these women know what they are doing!

Let's face it, having someone yanking your body hair out of various body parts isn't the most comfortable experience. Michelle and Brigitta will address all of your concerns and do a great job putting you at ease while you are on their table.  Both are super friendly and easy to talk to.  They are also thorough--bc it's super annoying to get waxed and realize they missed a lot of spots when you get home--speedy, and manage to make it relatively pain-free.

The interior of this shop was recently updated and modernized.  The decor update is definitely nice and be-fitting the quality of service provided.  The vibe inviting and soothing and the waiting area, treatment rooms and bathroom are extremely.  

I keep coming back to Skin City bc of the great service by Michelle and Brigitta and bc it's very convenient and a great value.  They are located on Divis in Lower Haight w relatively decent street parking within a few blocks and offer easy online booking directly on their website or via Yelp.  Services are competitively priced, especially for the high quality experience Skin City offers.

Debbie G. - 10/8/16

I have been receiving skincare services at Skin City for a year and a half. I made my first appointment when I was preparing for extended travel.  I enjoyed a few weeks of services and a some carefully recommended products. The difference in not just the appearance but the texture of my skin after a few weeks was amazing. I returned to SF excited to have a new resource for my health and confidence. I also highly recommend Reiki sessions for healing and self-discovery.

Kimberly Padgett is highly professional and courteous. She is also deeply curious about what the "differences that make a difference" are in all that she does. I feel certain that the treatment options she recommends for me are based on serious study combined with playful enthusiasm in service of my individual care.

Flor K. - 9/2/2016

Okay ladies, this one is for you! I have been searching high and low for a great esthetician to help guide me through my skin care, and FINALLY I found my angel gifted from the gods above. Kimberly is extremely knowledgeable of all my skin care needs and she walks me through every step of my treatments. She fine tunes each of my facials to help manage my outbreaks; whether it's oiliness, moisture, or moon cycle that's the issue, Kimberly always knows the best move to make. She goes above and beyond to make each visit personal and takes the time to walk me out AND carefully craft recommended creams, ointments, and facial soaps that fit the needs of my skin.

The entire shop is immaculate. The products are well organized and the space is bright and beautiful. The price is right for the quality and care these ladies take. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Dominique L. - 7/11/2016

Two thumbs up! It was a referral from a friend and no disappointment. Kim is great and she will not hurt your skin, she listens to your needs or concerns. You get out with a glowing skin and it lasts! Great products too. Natalie, the Front Desk Person, is just wonderful. I do go every 5 weeks!

Karen F. - 6/24/2016

Love Brigitta. She's the best. Place is amazing. good services. I've been coming here for over 7 years.

Sofia P. - 4/18/2016

I grew up in Hawaii and got bikini waxes for many years and Michelle at Skin City was the best experience I have ever had. Not only was it the most pain-free waxing I've ever felt, but it was also the fastest!  Michelle was so sweet, friendly and easy to talk to and took less than 30 minutes, despite my not having shaved for over a month.

I will definitely return to her and would recommend Michelle and skin city to anyone!

Susan R. - 3/18/2016

I just had the most awesome facial and foot massage from Kim. I wish I had discovered her and Skin City sooner. Can't wait to go again.

Alex S. - 3/15/2016

I went to Skin City regularly (every month) while living in the neighborhood for a little over two years, so this review is long overdue! I highly recommend both the waxing and facial services. The waxing was always fast, professional, and much less painful than at other spas. The facials were always very relaxing and left my skin absolutely glowing. This is by far the best spa in the neighborhood - I tried several before finding this gem. Ask for Michelle - she is amazing!

Dina G. - 2/23/2016

If I could give Kimberly 10 stars, I would! After a dry, eczema-filled winter, I came to Kimberly to rescue me (again!) and days later my skin STILL feels soft, smooth, supple, all those great S words. She knows which products and treatments to do for which conditions, I put all my trust in her. If you're thinking of getting a facial, check out Kimberly at Skin City!

Marisa R. - 2/10/2016

Michelle, The Amazing! Thank you so much for making my first time Brazilian wax a great one. I couldn't believe how quickly this went by, and got exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be back for these, and other, services very soon!

Hez B. - 1/29/2016

Just had my first bikini wax here. I've had a lot of them too; but this one by Kim was painless. I've heard people say that before but now I've experienced it! Kim was super sweet. I will def be back!

Nathan P. - 11/11/2015

Getting your back waxed is never pleasant--but Brigitta at Skin City made it as good as it could possibly be. The salon was beautiful, the service amazing, and the post treatment tea tree and lavender massage felt amazing. Thank you for an amazing experience!

Alex C. – 11/17/2015

I’ve been going to Skin City for a year or so…actually prob longer than that by now. To put it simply, Michelle saved my skin.

I started seeing Michelle and within a month was seeing less breakouts, which gave me hope. She is so kind, and was realistic in what she can help with versus the things I had to do to help the process. She recommended a dermatologist and provided instructions on what medicines to try versus what to NOT let them put me on (antibiotics). She also gave detailed instructions on what I should be doing at home to speed up the treatments. I started taking Spironolactone and seeing Michelle once every week (then once every other week). Within 3 months, I was no longer breaking out, and no longer needed the medicine either! I was so happy. I really had never believed I would see my skin clear again.

Once my skin stopped breaking out, I still had a lot of scarring from all the acne, and wasn’t super optimistic about clearing that up, but once again Michelle saved the day. Not only did she heal my acne, but she completely cleared up the horrible scarring that was leftover afterwards.

I still see her regularly every 2 months. My skin has NEVER been better! Another thing I love about Michelle is that she’s so honest. As my skin improved, she reduced the amount of facials I needed based on the stage I was in, instead of having me come every week. She really cares! Anyways, I wanted to share this photo because LOOK AT ME NOW. Both her and I forgot just how bad my skin was until I found this picture because of the night and day difference to my skin. Sadly, I’m also wearing a heavy amount of makeup in the before photo!


Tanya W. –  5/7/2015

2 years ago I came to skin city a nervous hairy nelly, as curious to waxing as I was inexperienced. Well, I’ll tell you,  the nice lady turned my legs from two magnetic rods covered in iron particles into a sleek marble bowling pin. I loved it so much, I vowed to never shave again and get my legs waxed for the rest of my life.  That was two years ago, and though all of my intentions to return to skin city restrained my hand from touching a razor, it did not actually get me in the door till last week, by which point I was affectionately referring to my legs as “wolf pants”. Needless to say, Kim, waxing me seems unfazed and proceeded to strip my winter coat. IT WAS AWESOME. Both because of her efficiency and because the before and after photos will delight and amaze for years to come. I highly recommend this place, you won’t feel self conscious, it’s quick, it smells really nice inside and the ladies are great.



Erin B. –  5/13/15

I just wanted to praise one of your staff members for the most awesome facial ever. I saw Michelle yesterday and she not only spent a lot of time educating me on ways to clear up my skin, but she also gave me the best facial I’ve ever had. It might be too early to see full results, but I was shocked to wake up this morning without new breakouts (this always happens to me after facials) and with improved skin texture…already…after one facial.I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over the years on facials and I’ve never looked in the mirror the next day and thought, “that was totally worth it!” until today.  So thank you!!

Kiley R. – 1/14/2015

I have been going here for a few years now for Brazilians and the location for me can’t be beat. It is in a great neighborhood with lots of shops and cafes nearby.  I would like to give a big shout out to Brigitta, the owner of the salon for her attention to detail and care for her clients. She really stands out as someone that is looking for the best results for her clients, and will go out of her way to make sure that is accomplished. I have very sensitive skin and after a few waxes with the other estheticians I was getting ingrowns and very irritated skin. Brigitta mixed a solution of a few different things to help try to calm it down and after a few days of it I was totally back to normal. Its the extra care that really shows she is invested in her clients, and makes me want to continue to be a customer.

Virginie F. - 12/19/2014

I went there for waxing (bikini, underarm and brows) and was so happily surprised at the knowledge Brigitta had, especially thinking about when is the best time of the month to get waked and how to prevent breakout. I have been waxing for years and no one had ever mentioned this to me so I appreciated the tips (it makes a lot sense but I had never thought about it).

Claire G. – 11/2/2014

Kim at Skin City has the most excellent waxing skills – I leave feeling nice and bare with minimal suffering. She has also has a calm personality that really puts me at ease. The spa is simple and clean, comfortable and relaxing. Not to mention it’s close to Vinyl so I can get my coffee fix before my appointment.

Ailinh T. - 9/11/2014

I thought about writing a review about Skin City years ago. I frequented a few different ladies but they all provided wonderful services. It was as painless and pleasant a Brazilian that you could hope for. That being said, I always felt a teensy bit shy about my lovely waxing experiences.

Something amazing changed that.
My mother-in-law was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. Imagine my surprise when she told me, beaming, that she won a free facial at Skin City. Brigitta, the amazing owner of this business, donates a gift certificate to be raffled by UCSF’s gynecologic cancer clinic every month. That’s right. This is a fantastic local business who provides amazing service and they give back! Please support this business. Your bikini line and your karma will love you for it!

Ingrid B. - 8/11/14

I was motivated by my sad, dull reflection this morning to strike out and finally give Skin City a try. I’ve walked past many, many times and hear great things from neighborhood regulars. Luckily I was able to make a same day appointment, and got in to see Kimberly this evening. She was lovely, and took the time to stay late and provide some extra love my face needed – this included extractions, a hydrating mask and some exciting LED light therapy. I enjoyed being educated about the treatments and products without feeling overly pressured to buy, and I left feeling very well taken care of. If you’re thinking about trying Skin City, I recommend Kimberly!

Susan N. - 1/4/2014

I have been going to Skin City for about a year and Brigitta gives the best Brazilian!!!  She always makes you feel comfortable, even in the awkward situation.  Her waxing is efficient, thorough and virtually painless….a rarity.  The woman (don’t know her name) at the front desk is always so friendly and welcoming.  I highly recommend Skin City.

Kate R. – 7/15/2014

Since moving to the USA last year, I’ve always had my Brazilians when I visit home, because someone told me that bikini waxing in the States is overpriced and over-fussy. I’ve been waxing for well over a decade: I don’t need a cup of herbal tea and New Age music and someone telling me when to breathe out. I just want someone who knows what they’re doing and has a down-to-earth manner (it’s quite a skill to make someone feel comfortable ,and not ashamed or embarrassed, when they’re getting a Brazilian).
Anyway, luckily I’ve found that right here in Michelle at Skin City. She’s amazing at her job, and is very relaxed and friendly. She did the best Brazilian wax I’ve ever had, and the price is perfectly reasonable. They also do something I’ve never seen in England, which is give you a warm towelette afterwards – for once, I didn’t go home with my knickers covered in talcum powder!
Far from going home for my waxes now, I would totally recommend anyone who visits me from England to get waxed at Skin City. Brilliant.

Sky C. - 8/8/2014

Skin City, and Kimberly in particular, is fabulous. The space is relaxing and the services are phenomenal. I’ve tried what seems like every place in the city and I will never ever see anyone but Kim for my waxing and skin care needs ever again. In fact, I see her every other week for efficient (read: fast, relatively painless, precise!) and beautiful hair removal, and when I need a facial her calming bedside manner is almost as lovely as her touch which is almost as lovely as how my skin looks and feels after. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! You will leave refreshed and gorgeous! Now go book your appointment. 

Lupe R. - 4/16/2014

Please do yourself a favor and go here!!  My experience was soothing and absolutely perfect from start to finish. I decided to call Skin City on a whim yesterday, feeling sore & beat up from a bad spill that I took recently.  A fall that that resulted in fractures, bruises and disc issues…not fun:(  Was feeling like I needed some TLC and couldn’t decide between a facial or a massage…chose a facial since my skin has been neglected as of late due to being in a cast for the last 3 weeks.  When I called Skin City yesterday, Michelle answered the phone when I called and she took it from there.  Fitting me in immediately (within 2 hours of my call) …loved that.  My facial was better than any facial I’d yet to receive—which is saying a lot because I’ve had a facial or two in my day.  Michelle has such a calm and inviting energy about her that within 20 minutes I was snoring like a baby.  A 20 minute nap while getting your skin brought back to life with delicate fingers that can work magic…and the conversation was so easy and light—just like Michelle and my skin city experience.  Can’t wait to go back!

Thank you Michelle.



7x7, November 2012

"Ever worry that your airbrush tan will have you looking more Snookie-esque than sun-kissed? Have no fear. Skin City allows you to customize your shade from their lightest “Winter Glow” to their darkest “Gimme Brown.” Get only your face bronzed for $15 or go for the full body for only $30 more."





Instyle Magazine,  October 2009

“The technicians at this vibrant spot may wax with the care of a surgeon, but there’s nothing clinical about the experience. Clients rave about the tech’s bedside manner.”





Allure Magazine, May 2009

“…she applied a thick creamy shea butter wax. The process wasn’t painless, but it was manageable enough that we permitted her to dispatch a little more off the sides.” 




SF Bay Guardian - Best of the Bay 2001

"Best Prelude to Oral Sex for Women - a Brazilian at Skin City"


SF Chronicle - BayList Winner

Skin City voted the best for beauty/waxing by readers of the San Francisco Chronicle and