Men may receive any of our services! These are just the most popular among our male clientele.



MEN’S REBALANCING FACIAL                                                                                                         60 min – $90

This straightforward facial addresses all aspects of the skin, with an emphasis on the beard area and is designed especially for the challenges and conditions of our male clients. A deep cleansing massage, ultrasonic exfoliation preps skin for extractions. The service is finished with plant actives to produce powerful results.


BEARD TREATMENT                                                                                                                         45 min – $65

This popular treatment is for the client suffering with ingrown hairs.  The mini facial addresses and removes ingrown hairs that may be creating irritation and scarring.


BACK FACIAL                                                                                                                                   60 min – $85

This seriously relaxing back facial, is designed to balance and purify the skin. We utilize an enzymatic peel fortified with boosters to clear congestion while refining skin tone and texture. Manual extractions and hot stone massage included.



Arm (half)  $35

Arm (full)   $50

Back & Chest$80

Back & Shoulders $65


Back, Chest & Abdomen$90

Back, Shoulders & Chest$100

Chest & Abdomen$50


Lower Back   $15

Leg (Full)   $85

Leg (Lower) $50

Leg (Upper)  $55

Lower Back & Butt$45

Full Butt Wax $50